About me

Ing. Theo Verleun

As a seasoned international business manager, I have a proven track record in commercializing (bio)technical complex ideas, products and processes.

You can contact me for consulting and interim management jobs, 2nd opinion and business plans review.


Connecting the dots

It is my belief that there is still significant room for improvement in the efficiency of biotech applications, so that we can provide a.o. health, food and energy to a growing number of people on our planet. By improving biotech use, both in quantity and in quality, we can reduce energy consumption, thus creating a better world. I want to contribute to this ambition by linking extensive experience and network to new and upcoming biotech ideas; connecting the dots.

I have been active in creating new business in various roles and can offer support in areas like corporate development, innovation, as well as in new product and new business development, related to biotechnology and life-science companies, processes and products, e.g. in:

  • (strategic) consultancy,
  • (executive) coaching,
  • interim management,
  • sales team development (change the routines and accelerate growth).

Company size may range from early start-ups to well-established multinational corporations.

Before establishing my own firm in 2016, I have been active in a wide variety of roles, geographies and business. My career started in the academic medical centre Dijkzigt, Rotterdam. While finishing on the fly the technical high school (HTS) in chemistry, I worked consecutively at Electro-nucleonics, Gist-Brocades, Genencor International Inc., Brenntag and DSM in various business, sales, marketing and product management roles. In these roles I was exposed to a wide range of responsibilities, from fundamental R&D up to and including business director. These roles and companies took me all over the world. Lately I also supported the emerging European Biogas Association.

I gladly offer this wealth of experience and expertise to you, so that we can jointly boost the marketing and sales of your (bio)technical product or process.


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