• Enzymology
• Biotechnology
• Fermentation
• Diagnostics
• Pipeline-cleaning

The companies I worked for were mostly active in the field of biotechnology and as such had a perfect fit with my education as well as with my interest to work with nature and evolution to master obstacles. Such evolutions can be enhanced or speeded up with biotech processes; a way to improve health and well-being of mankind and to expand the use of biotechnology in business as well.

Examples of technologies I have worked with:

  • the production of antibodies against hormones excreted by human brain tumors;
  • the use of enzymes to increase product quality, sometimes even quantity and reduce energy consumption during the production of beer, wine, bread and alike or in paper, leather or textile processing;
  • the use of enzymes in combination with anaerobic fermentation in order to extract valuables out of biomass and generate renewable energy out of the by-product streams of such processes.