Non-food markets



• Medical diagnostics
• Textile
• Leather
• Horticulture
• Chemicals distribution
• Water-treatment


• Paper
• Analytics
• Fossile oil and gas
• Renewable energy 
   - Fuel ethanol
   - Biogas

Many non food applications of biotechnologial processes have crossed my path as well. A few are mentioned above and I am very proud to recognise that I have been able to contribute to some of them actively. The energy savings which can be achieved when the propper biotechnological process is applied will always be attractive for business purposes however the use of less (fresh) water will in the comming years also be an important driver.

Examples that I worked on are: the introduction of both Fuel-Ethanol as well as Biogas from biomass using the right enzymes to breakdown the biomass and the right microorganisms to produce the desired product. An other example is the bating of leather with enzymes and as such replacing toxic chemicals like chromium-salts.