Food markets



• Egg-products
• Sweeteners
• Sauces and dressings
• Milk
• Brewing
• Cereals
• Beverages
• Potato


• Baking
• Beet
• Meat
• Juices
• Confectionary
• Fish processing
• Starch processing
• Chocolate

A great part of my experience is generated in the above fields. Production of important food products which are an unseparable component of our diets and our fun in life is based on biotechnology. For each of those fields either enzymes or microbes or combinations are needed to prepare our day-to-day food products.

Examples: Cereals are a wide variety of grains, each having their own benefits and features either in processability, digestability or applicability and each requiring understanding about composition and biotechnological tools to support the benefit for mankind.  A more recent example is that Egg-processing has gone a next level in which enzyme treatment of the egg-yolk offers new opportunities for sauces and dressings.