Sales and marketing director for the biogas group

While being the sales and marketing director for the newly created biogas group in DSM Innovation centre, I succeeded not only to introduce DSM to the European biogas world, but created repeated sales with a small sales team and more importantly I presented successfully a completely new biogas production technology into the board room of multinational companies.

At the same time I actively supported the creation and foundations of the European Biogas Association (EBA) as chairman of the company council.



New business development manager


Eggsplore DSM: While I was business group manager, I acted in this project as new business development manager and with 2 colleagues covered two novel business elements at one desk in DSM:

a) searching in the big DSM organisation for departments, divisions and people who had some business activities anywhere in the world in the Chicken or Egg market.

b) Present the identified DSM competences to the global market.  This was amongt other covered by supporting active roles in the IEC (International Egg Commision)

While identifying 15 DSM groups who had something to offer to the chicken or egg market and over 45 DSM individuals involved in such business activities, it was possible within 18 months to add an additional 8 mio€ new reported/documented business. Next to that many more new leads were generated and shared within the DSM groups involved.

This initiative has also resulted in an inernal recognition for my 2 colleageus and me for this effort. We were rewarded the so-called X-Factor award for crossing internal DSM border of business pilars.





European business line manager


During the years in Brenntag, covering chemical distribution initially in food products and later in the oil and gas industry,  I acted as European business line manager and had the opportunity to learn from a recently acquired US based organisation the style for doing business in this industry. I was than asked by the board to roll-out such activities in all the EU member states. This needed to be mastered with and across the various national Brenntag offices in order to seek synergy in market approach.




Responsible manager for the so-called non-industrial enzyme markets


After the merger of Gist-Brocades / Genencor and Solvay enzymes businesses, I was actively involved in the product line rationalisation as worldwide responsible manager for the so-called non-industrial enzyme markets.

I succeeded to reduce the number of products (SKU’s) by 95% and unfortunately loosing 20% of the turnover. However the overall product line profits were substantially increased with this effort. The critical balance was obvisouly to continue to satisfy customers (and our own salesteam) by offering them lead-out time and testing time as well as detailed guidance for the offered alternatives. In those years I learned about and withnessed a lot of customer processes.




Sales manager of biotech products


Fuel-ethanol: As sales manager of biotech products (starch processing enzymes and yeasts) I was involved in the very early stages of the development of this industry. Although this business was mainly emerging in the USA, I was also actively invovled in similar initiatives in Germany, Poland, Russia and even in South America like Argentina, Surinam and Porto Rico. Our initiatives resulted in a clear position for Gist-Brocades in the Fuel ethanol market with main focus on North America.

Our company supported the initial organisers of the North American Fuel Ethanol Workshop, in these days 50 participants were a success today over 150.000 participants register for these meetings in the USA. I was able to present the ”rest of the world” perspective in the early workshops.

The key target was also achieved;  substantially expantion of the top line of this department.




Lab technician at Erasmus Medical centre


As a lab technician I  researched (hormone producing) tissue culture technologies in the department of internal medicine at Erasmus Medical centre in Rotterdam. During these years my contribution led to the introduction of a few novel pharmaceutical products as potential candidates for treatment of brain tumors. In close cooperation with the Pharmaceutical companies these new drugs could be tested very well in these tissue culture technologies we developed within our team. Such technolgy creates large amount of samples to be tested in the lab. In order to master such workloads I had a strong drive to automate these diagnostic tests and developed our own automation systems.