All of Europe, USA and Canada 
• with emphasis on: Netherlands / Germany / Poland / Czech and Russia  

Substantial parts of South America
• with emphasis on Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay and Surinam

Several countries in Asia a.o. India & China

In the many roles that I fullfilled in my carreer I have had the opportunity to visit business relations all over the world. During those trips it was very rewarding to get exposed to so many different cultures and styles of doing business. I am convinced that also for many of my business partners it was a learning point to get to know the 'Dutch-way' of doing business.


  • the introduction of HIV diagnostic tests in bloodbanks in India;
  • the launch of fuel-ethanol business in the USA;
  • setting up offices in former east-block countries like Poland and eastern Germany to host the supply of additives to the potable alcohol production industry.