Sales manager of biotech products


Fuel-ethanol: As sales manager of biotech products (starch processing enzymes and yeasts) I was involved in the very early stages of the development of this industry. Although this business was mainly emerging in the USA, I was also actively invovled in similar initiatives in Germany, Poland, Russia and even in South America like Argentina, Surinam and Porto Rico. Our initiatives resulted in a clear position for Gist-Brocades in the Fuel ethanol market with main focus on North America.

Our company supported the initial organisers of the North American Fuel Ethanol Workshop, in these days 50 participants were a success today over 150.000 participants register for these meetings in the USA. I was able to present the ”rest of the world” perspective in the early workshops.

The key target was also achieved;  substantially expantion of the top line of this department.




Sales manager of biotech products